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The Herpetologists' League, established in 1946, is an international organization of people devoted to studying herpetology -- the biology of amphibians and reptiles. HL publishes two scholarly journals -- the quarterly Herpetologica, which contains original research papers and essays, and the annual supplement Herpetological Monographs, which contains lengthy research articles, syntheses, and special symposia.

Southwestern Center for Herpetological Research (SWCHR) Online herp survey.

Southwestern Center for Herpetological Research (SWCHR), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting education relating to the natural history, biology, taxonomy, conservation and preservation needs, field studies, and captive propagation of the herpetofauna indigenous to the American Southwest.  SWCHR has funded an online survey titled '2013 Herpers Survey,' a comprehensive assessment of opinions and attitudes of the 'herper community,' a loosely-defined term consisting of both people who enjoy looking for reptiles and amphibians afield and people who enjoy maintaining them domestically (and people who do both!). The survey can be accessed at and will be available through February 28th, 2014.  At that time I will begin analysis of the results, and once complete, these findings will be made available in a formal report.

Conservation - The Ethics of Herpetology

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